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The resilient, determined family struggled to make ends meet, and Adel did his part to help put food on the table by working at the age of seven.

Many people would give up and resign themselves to a life of poverty; not Adel and his family. For them, hard times built character and the determination to succeed.

Enduring many lean years, the family moved from Yonkers to California where Adel graduated high school with three offers of full college scholarships.

Adel pursued an engineering degree and then saw the opportunity to help businesses prevent theft and grow profitability while thwarting criminal activities for safer, more vibrant communities by creating Universal Surveillance Systems. Starting from scratch in his garage, he worked long, hard tireless hours to build USS into the successful LP solution company it is today.

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Another major influence on Adel occurred when his five-year-old sister was severely injured in a car accident. The doctors offered little hope and predicted she would remain in vegetative state the rest of her life. Through the family’s deep soul-searching and tearful prayers, she overcame all odds by miraculously recovering from months in a coma and is now married with a family of her own. This profound miracle created a special place in Adel’s heart for disabled children and drives him to offer them the encouragement, hope and strength to carry on.

These events inspired Adel to give back throughout his life, which then culminated in his founding the non-profit USS Foundation that is dedicated to bringing the hope of a better life to underprivileged children.

Thanks to Adel’s leadership and vision over many years, USS and the USS Foundation have helped many children around the world live a better life.

The USS Foundation and USS employees have been feeding the homeless for nearly a decade during the Christmas season; going door to door delivering complete Thanksgiving dinners to needy families; and holding special holiday events for numerous years at local hospitals for disabled children to brighten their seasons with more locations planned.

They have raised valuable funds for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children through their annual golf tournaments over the past four years.

Another major program that has a worldwide outreach is the Adopt-A-Bike that was initiated by Adel after he visited the country of Zambia in southern Africa and saw hundreds of students walk four hours each way to school. Knowing their future was bleak without the necessary education, he vowed to establish a program to provide bicycles to disadvantaged children as a reliable way to travel to and from school.

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To date, Adopt-A-Bike has brought indescribable joy to the faces of over 1,000 grinning, eager low-income children in Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio with additional ones planned for this year.

Remembering how as a child each Christmas he dreamed of receiving a bike that never came because of his family’s poverty, Adel always schedules the Adopt-A-Bike events during the Christmas season knowing that the new gleaming bike from the USS Foundation may be the only present under the tree for many of these unfortunate children.

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